Canada Temporary Resident Permits

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Canada Temporary Resident Permits

A TRP may be applied for under exceptional circumstances when a Foreign National has been accepted under any Visa application and travelled to Canada and then denied entry at a border.  They may have had an application denied while applying outside Canada, or have become inadmissible while within.  Further examples of those who may qualify for a TRP is:

○ A foreign national in need of medical treatment not offered in their home country

○ Minor crimes that did not include physical violence

○ Drugs or damage to property

○ Visiting a dying relative

○ Attending a funeral or wedding

○ You’re a visiting for business and have a significant financial contribution that benefits Canada

○ A student with a study permit but expired visa.

Canada Temporary Resident Permits

Those Exempted

○ Individuals exempt from a TRP for 1 year are Refugee claimants who had failed claims, abandoned claims, or have withdrawn.

○ A TRP can be issued for 1 to 3 years and can be cancelled at any time.  It is the discretion of the Officer who will weigh your need to enter Canada against the security risk of you entering Canadian.

○ If you have become inadmissible for a minor reason and have been denied a Visa,   allow Visa Prep to assist you when applying for the Temporary Visitor Permit by filling out the Assessment.

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