Canada Temporary Resident Permit (Tourist)

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Canada Temporary Resident Permit (Tourist)

A TRP may be applied for under exceptional circumstances, non-eligible applicants who do not meet the IRPR requirements are weighed against any security risk to Canadians.  

*TRP’s can be granted on a case by case basis from 1 to 3 years, and can be cancelled at any time. 

Possible eligibility scenarios: 

○ A Foreign National has been accepted under any Visa application and travelled to Canada and then denied entry at a border. 

○ A Visa denied while applying from outside Canada

○ Have become inadmissible while in Canada 

○ A foreign national in need of medical treatment not offered in their home country

○ Minor crimes that did not include physical violence, Drugs or damage to property

○ Visiting a dying relative

○ Attending a funeral or wedding  

○ Your visiting for business and have a significant financial contribution that benefits Canada 

○ A student with a study permit but expired visa. 

Canada Temporary Resident Permit (Tourist)

*Those Exempted

○ Individuals exempt from a TRP for 1 year are Refugee claimants who had failed claims, abandoned claims, or have withdrawn.

○ Serious Criminality 

* (The Eligible and Admissible Requirements listed above is not exhaustive)

*If you have denied a Visa because you did not meet the IRPR requirements for a minor reason, or have extra ordinary circumstances, you may qualify for a TRP!


○ All Applicants must be Admissible to enter Canada

○ Must not be Inadmissible due to Security Reasons, Serious Criminality, Criminality, Health Reasons or any listed under the Immigration Refugee Protection Regulations.

Please provide any questions or concerns about your Admissibility in the Assessment tool for a private Consult! (Discussion of Eligibility, Admissibility, and those who may be exempted from the program are not all listed above) 

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