Canada Immigration-Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

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Canada Immigration-Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot – The Rural Northern Pilot is designed to attract and retain foreign workers in smaller northern communities.  For those who wish to reside and work outside the city, this Pilot program provides contacts to participating communities who request specific skills.  Basic eligibility comes from IRCC and specific skills are requested by each community.   Unlike Occupations in Demand, or Express Entry, the Northern Pilot provides PR opportunity for previous work experience in for skill level C, and D, without post graduate education.

IRCC Requirements:

Prior to seeking full time employment in a participating community, each applicant must meet IRCC requirements.

Have qualifying work experience, which is 1 year continuous full time in the past 3 years, 30 hours a week minimum, from within Canada or abroad (volunteer positions and or self employed are exempt).IRCC Requirements:

Work Experience

All work experience must meet the National Occupation Classification (NOC 2016).  For example, the NOC lists the title of your profession or skill, and describes the main duties associated with their work you must be matched with the most accurate NOC number. 


International Students (Canada Immigration-Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot)

One can qualify for the Northern Pilot by being an International student who:

-graduated with a credential from a post secondary program that was at least 2 years. 

-you were in the participating community as a graduating student for at least 16 of the 24 months

-if you obtained a Masters or a Degree in a participating community,  you must apply within 18 months of the program’s completion.

Language Requirements:

NOC 0 and A: CLB/NCLC 6




Canada Immigration-Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot – Your education must meet your skill Level Job,  for example 0,A require degrees,  Some A and all B Can require program certificates.  All qualifying education must be submitted with a Canadian Equivalency evaluation.

Settlement Funds:

If your not legally working full time in Canada,  you will require minimum settlement funds for yourself and all your dependents (even if they are not coming)

that meet the demands of living in Canada for 1 year.

Reside in participating Community:

All applicants must show intention to reside and work in the community they applied for.  (Misrepresenting intention to not reside can lead to loosing PR as it is a program requirement).

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