Canada parents/ grandparents sponsorship

parents sponsorship to Canada

Canada parents/ grandparents sponsorship

A qualified Sponsor is a Permanent Resident or Canadian Citizen residing in Canada. (Find out if you need a Visa <http//>).  Unlike the Super visa, Sponsoring parents or grandparents is a permanent immigration solution.  A primary Applicant can only include their spouse or Common Law partner, not like the Super Visa whereby dependents can accompany.   An eligible Sponsor in Canada must first submit an ‘Interest to Sponsor’ within 30 days of the programs annual opening.   The Parent Grandparent Sponsorship Program is regulated by the Minister of Immigration and is capped with an annual number of accepted applicants.   Successful applicants are chosen randomly by a ‘Randomized Selection Intake Management’ system, if selected, the sponsor submits a ‘confirmation number’ along with their application to IRCC.  It is critical that the sponsor be prepared to submit all required documents within 90 days of receiving a confirmation number.

Eligibility of: Principal Applicant 

○ Have an eligible Sponsor in Canada

○ Valid Passport

○ Medical examinations from IRCC list of Panel Physician are required for all visitors staying over 6 months.

○ Provide Proof of Relationship to the Canadian Family Member may be necessary

Canada parents/ grandparents sponsorship

 *Sponsor Requirements 

○ Be a Permanent Resident or Canadian Citizen

○ Not barred from Sponsorship

○ Be financially eligible to Sponsor the number of those sponsored in addition to existing dependents

○ Submit the electronic ‘Interest to Sponsor’ to IRCC

○ Submit a complete and full Application as a Sponsor to IRCC within 90 days of receiving a ‘Confirmation Number’ if selected.


○ All Applicants must be Admissible to enter Canada

○ Must not be Inadmissible due to Security Reasons, Serious Criminality, Criminality, Health Reasons or any listed under the Immigration Refugee Protection Regulations.

Please provide any questions or concerns about your Admissibility in the Assessment tool for a private Consult!

(Discussion of Eligibility, Admissibility, and those who may be exempted from the program are not all listed above)

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