Canada Multiple Entry Visa


Canada Multiple Entry Visa

Multiple Entry Visa – This Visa is best suited for travelers who wish to be authorized to travel to Canada several times over a ten year period, with each visit no longer than six months. Please note,  that obtaining a MEV can be challenging without submitting documents that satisfy IRCC requirements, avoid countless refusals by allowing Visa Prep in assisting you in meeting the requirements.


Have an initial Purpose of Travel that qualifies under the Visitor Class – example-Visiting Family

○ Have a valid Passport

○ Have Proof of Funds for travel and living expenses.

○ Medical Examination by an authorized Panel Physician when applicable

○ Biometrics

○ Certified Police Certificate (Background Check)

○ A completed Application Package

○ Use the Assessment tool to help us prepare you for your Visa!

Canada Multiple Entry Visa


All Applicants must be Admissible to enter Canada

Must not be Inadmissible due to Security Reasons, Serious Criminality, Criminality, Health Reasons or any listed under the Immigration Refugee Protection Regulations.

Please provide any questions or concerns about your Admissibility in the Assessment tool for a private Consult!

(Discussion of Eligibility, Admissibility, and those who may be exempted from the program are not all listed above)

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