Canada Immigration-COVID-19: Immigration applicants/Travelers

Canada Immigration-COVID-19: Immigration applicants/Travelers

COVID-19: Immigration applicants/Travelers – We recognize that the travel restrictions will have an impact on many people who can’t travel to Canada right now. These restrictions stop most non-essential (discretionary) travel to Canada.

Canada Immigration-COVID-19: Immigration applicants/Travelers – Travelling to Canada: health check and quarantine

If you’re travelling by air, you need to follow all airline requirements and pass a health check conducted by airlines before you’re allowed to board your flight. Anyone who shows symptoms of COVID-19 will not be allowed to enter Canada by air.

When you arrive in Canada, we’ll assess your health before you leave the port of entry. You must have a plan to quarantine for 14 days when you arrive in Canada. This is mandatory, even if you have no symptoms. If you don’t have a plan, you should not travel to Canada.

*Only people who provide essential services, for example, truck drivers who regularly cross the border to maintain the flow of goods, are exempt from the quarantine requirements.

Canada Immigration-COVID-19: Immigration applicants/Travelers

For those currently in Canada and effected by the Covid-19, you may be eligible to apply for the following:

○ Exemption from providing Biometrics

○ Extend your Work Permit

○ Changing your Status: Worker to Visitor, Visitor to Worker

IEC Permit Holders can be eligible to change jobs or employers

Please Contact us if your life in Canada is impacted by Covid-19, or if your plans to apply to Canada are impacted by the Covid-19 Pandemic for updates!

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